Podcast – The Plan for Global Takeover – Donica Hudson – Part 1

You will not want to miss this! This is a live premiere for KTF Podcast with our guest, Donica Hudson.

We discuss the woke culture plans to destroy and takeover the family household, 3 letter agencies ushering in a one world government authoritarian power, and what it means to be an on fire follower of Jesus Christ to prepare for the years to come.

Podcast – The Plan for Global Takeover – Donica Hudson – Part 2

Tonight we talk Last days, mark of the Beast and more! We welcome back Donica Hudson in Part 2 of this intense interview! Watch now!

Blessing Abortion Clinics

North Carolina pastors speak to NC Conservatives about the perverse practice of blessing an abortion clinic and the recent New York abortion law and bills filed in Virginia and other states.

Saving Charlotte NC – What you can do!

America is struggling to recover financially from a global pandemic. Americans have lost loved ones to COVID19. The world has witnessed the horrific death of #GeorgeFloyd at the hands police brutality in Minneapolis— cities in America are burning to the ground, experiencing looting and rioting. Our own Queen City has been targeted by Antifa like groups who are hijacking the peaceful protests for #GeorgeFloyd. Charlotte businesses are being vandalized and looted. Our city council is meeting to start defunding the police department!!! NC Governor Roy Cooper is supporting rioters damaging property over NC business owners in his latest tweet. Furthermore, Cooper is refusing to negotiate with the RNC, causing an already devastated Queen City economy to lose over 100 million in revenue. What in the world is going on? We need voices of reason to speak truth into this chaos.

Cindy Decker is one of those rare voices.

Decker is Lead Ambassador for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Ambassador Program. Decker was compelled to find a way to save Charlotte after the 2016 Charlotte Riots ignited over the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. Decker discovered decades of failed policies affecting our most vulnerable communities. Seeing the toll taken on law enforcement officers, she sought out Charlotte’s Chief of Police to find out how to build a stronger relationship between community and police. Together, they created CMPD Ambassadors. The program has a series of trainings to give community members tools to build bridges across diverse communities, develop communication & conflict resolution skills, mediation tactics, understand local government, know Charlotte’s great history so the Ambassadors can be excellent hosts, and serve alongside CMPD for major sports events, conventions as well as being an extra set of eyes and ears during protests. So far, 450 residents are part of the program. Visit to join the effort.

Christianity Today’s Mark Galli thinks American Christians want all varieties of sexualities!

Christianity Today’s Mark Galli thinks American Christians want all varieties of sexuality!

Reported by Donica Hudson of Truth Tellers Network

BGEA Prayer, September 28, 2017
Bonnie Chavda: Mt Rushmore, the Heavenly Senate and Congress

Donica Hudson talks to Bonnie Chavda about Governmental Kingdom Authority we have as believers and Dreams that correlate.

Donica Interviews Joy Lamb

In 2011, Joy Lamb tells Donald Trump to “prepare to become President of the United States!” Hear Joy’s incredible testimony about how God spoke to her long before Trump announced intentions of running for office.

Henry Blackaby on Charlotte Alive
Your Invitation To Honor
Breaking the North Carolina Drought Pastor Andre Vaynol

This word from S. African Pastor Andre Vaynol was the key that broke the drought in North Carolina.

Removing the Curse from the Land with Negiel Bigpond

Charlotte Alive documents how God first spoke to a S. African Prophet (Andre Vaynol) through a dream about the “Trail of Tears,” the suffrage of the Cherokee people and how governmental reconciliation was key to breaking North Carolina’s drought, healing the land and restoring the Cherokee people. Vaynol’s obedience to come to Charlotte, NC in 2007 opened the doors to a convergence of ministries uniting to restore the land and the Cherokee people which culminated in a Day of Remembrance Ceremony on May 30, 2008 in Murphy, NC. The cycle of drought was broken by this ceremony with the Cherokee and other native peoples through repentance from US government leaders from North Carolina and Tennessee.

Native American Reconciliation Series
Donica interviews Jim Daly, Pres. FOCUS ON THE FAMILY

Donica interviews Jim Daly at DC March for Life. Christian Activism.