Pray America Great - Book Cover (updated)
Pray America Great Back Cover

Pray America Great Back Cover (updated)

For those who are stirred to take action but don’t know what to do...

Presenting My Latest Book Pray America Great

Pray America Great gives you a plan straight from heaven that will catapult you into your destiny as a prayer warrior and a patriot.

With a mandate from God to create an infrastructure to sustain revival, Donica Hudson has devoted her life to transforming the culture through media and activism at the intersection of church and government.

Donica Hudson
Donica Hudson

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Join me for The Covenant: Restoring The Ancient Paths!

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Links to past events:

Interview with Donica and daughter Salem at the United In Freedom Tent Revival
Day 1 (6/29) Dethroning the Deep State – When the Great Awakening OVERTAKES the Great Reset – United in Freedom Tent Revival
Day 2 (6/30) The Awakening Prayer – United in Freedom Tent Revival
Dr. Chris Hughes Podcast
“Can We Pray America Great Again?” podcast with Dr. Chris Hughes on the Christian Perspective
Arise Women's Summit 2022
“ARISE Women’s Summit 2022”, June 2-5 in Louisville, TN
Culture Engagement Summit
Culture Engagement Summit – April 30 – Memphis, TN
CFM Women’s Conference 2022
MomRise Carolinas Summit (Antioch Church)
MomRise Anaheim, CA Summit (Influence Church)
Spirit and Life Women's Conference
05-07 Feb 2021

Spirit and Life Women's Conference

  • Antioch International Church
    453 Glynwood Forest Drive
    Fort Mill, SC 29715

God gives people trumpets. Some are scared to touch them. Others put them in a closet and shut the door. Donica Hudson is a woman who picked up her trumpet and is sounding the alarm for our nation. Pray America Great reveals her faith, courage, and godly insight.

Robert Whitlow
Robert Whitlow
Best-Selling Author of Chosen People

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